Hello Ubuntu Phone

Last year, two Ubuntu Phone were released. http://www.ubuntu.com/phone

I was more exited because it was released in India. There were 2 search results on the ecommerce site http://www.snapdeal.com

BQ Aquaris E5 & BQ Aquaris E4.5

The Aquaris E4.5 was the first phone to carry the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system.

At that point of time, I was using an Andriod Phone called Gionee GPad G2 which is a large 5.5 inches dual sim. I am a big fan of Linux Desktop and was using Ubuntu 14.10 at that time on my Dell Laptop.

I started reading reviews for these two phones. My primary requirement/considerations at that point were:

  1. Price
  2. Memory (Internal) and RAM
  3. Features (Email Support, Browser support, Java Support)
  4. Quality Look and Feel (Body)
  5. CPU, GPS, USB, Bluetooth, Radio
  6. Sensors (Acclerometer, gyro, etc)
  7. Camera, Video and Sound formats, FM radio support
  8. Apps support (Some of the heavily used apps)
    1. View Photos, Videos
    2. Weather
    3. Google Maps
    4. Camera Scanner
    5. eCommerce apps
    6. Mobile banking apps
    7. Travel apps (Railways)
    8. Social network – Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google+, Messenger, Skype, WordPress
    9. Youtube
    10. Health Apps – Runkeeper, My Asics, Pacer

I was looking at BQ Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu 16 GB version, the price was competitive at Rs 13,500, the 1GB RAM seems to be on the lower side, Internal memory is 16 GB and expandale memory is 32 GB which is okay. Battery capacity is 2500 mAH.

There are mixed reviews about the Look and Feel quality. Processor Speed is 1.3 GHz. All the sensors required for supporting my Health Apps were there. Rear Camera is 13 MP and Front Camera is 5 MP. There also an FM radio.

A new feature called scopes is made available for user. Which was hailed in many reviews.

However, there were some reviews that talked about few software bugs in initial version and lack of support for all kind of Apps. This can happen as Ubuntu is new on mobile. As more and more releases are made available and it becomes stable, we shall see improvements.

A recent search on Snapdeal website many months later resulted in a SOLD OUT message with alternative recommendations, which made me feel the phone has not picked up much.

Let us wait and watch which way it will go.






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