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Get lucky with Luckybackup

Linux Mint Serena (18.1) comes with a default backup tool called – ‘Backup Tool’. However, when I tried to backup my Home directory using the same, it was getting struck at the ‘Calculating .. ‘ step and refusing to go further.


Screenshot from 2017-01-08 18-40-41.png

Hence, I was forced to look for an alternative. Easy option was to search for backup tool in Software Manager. The first result and the ne with highest score (87) in Software Manager was ‘Luckybackup’, which is what I ended up installing.

It presents us with a simple UI. You need to add a task e.g., ‘Backup-Serena-2017-01-8’ after which there is option to choose Source and Destination (could be external hard disk). You may select the task from the task list, proceed to validate and then select the ‘Okay’ button.



Once the backup is done, you will be shown the result and the path where log file is saved. You may run through the log file to see if there are any errors and take appropriate steps.

Although, I have not explored the tool completely overall, Luckybackup seems to be a useful and simple tool for backing up your precious data.